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2024, Vol. 7, Issue 1, Part A

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Effect of sedation with midazolam versus dexmedetomidine on gastric emptying assessed by gastric ultrasound in mechanically ventilated patients: A randomized control study
Kareem Elsayed Ageeba, Hesham Ebrahim Eltatawy, Reda Sobhi Salama, Yasser Mohammed Amr and Lobna Mohammed AboAlnasr
Int. J. Med. Anesthesiology, 2024; 7(1): 01-05
Abstract  |  Download  |  Country : Egypt  |  File Size: (458 KB)  |  148 Views  68 Downloads
Use of Ultrasonographic Parameters in Preoperative Prediction of Difficult Laryngoscopy in Non-Suspected Difficult Airway Patients Undergoing Elective Surgery
Ahmed Salah Eldein Shalaby, Mohamed Samir Abdel Ghafar, Hala Mohey El-Deen El-Gendy and Maram Ibrahim Elmazny
Int. J. Med. Anesthesiology, 2024; 7(1): 06-13
Abstract  |  Download  |  Country : Egypt  |  File Size: (535 KB)  |  161 Views  78 Downloads
Prilocaine compared with bupivacaine in spinal anesthesia for lower abdominal day case surgeries: A prospective randomized double-blind controlled study
Amr Ahmed Arfa, Ghada Fouad Elbradey, Sameh Mohamed Fathy Sadek and Wail Ebrahim Messbah
Int. J. Med. Anesthesiology, 2024; 7(1): 14-19
Abstract  |  Download  |  Country : Egypt  |  File Size: (271 KB)  |  80 Views  45 Downloads
Effects of metoclopramide administration on gastric emptying in mechanically ventilated intensive care patients: A prospective randomized controlled trial
Khadija Mohammed Elbaradei, MA Abosabaa, Shaimaa F Mostafa and Sohair Mostafa Soleiman
Int. J. Med. Anesthesiology, 2024; 7(1): 20-26
Abstract  |  Download  |  Country : Egypt  |  File Size: (452 KB)  |  117 Views  54 Downloads
Comparison of Analgesic Efficacy of Caudal Ropivacaine and Ketamine Vs. Ropivacaine and Midazolam in Paediatric Patients Undergoing Infraumbilical Surgery
Md. Mashfiqur Rahman Khan, Ranjan Kumar Mondal, Md. Moniruzzaman, Md. Saiful Islam and Quamrul Islam
Int. J. Med. Anesthesiology, 2024; 7(1): 27-32
Abstract  |  Download  |  Country : Bangladesh  |  File Size: (489 KB)  |  111 Views  55 Downloads
Red cell distribution width and lactate albumin ratio as prognostic markers for mortality in sepsis and septic shock patients
Shimaa Saad Awd, Laila Ahmed Elahwal, Mohamed Samir Abd Elghafar, Ashraf Elsied Elzeftawy and Sabry Mohamed Ameen
Int. J. Med. Anesthesiology, 2024; 7(1): 33-40
Abstract  |  Download  |  Country : Egypt  |  File Size: (708 KB)  |  108 Views  50 Downloads
Analgesic effect of adductor canal block combined with infiltration of the interspace between popliteal artery and the capsule of the knee (IPACK) block versus genicular nerves block in knee arthroscopy, a prospective randomized controlled study
Muhammad Ahmed Kandil, Nabil Ali Elsheikh, Shaimaa F Mostafa and Mohamed Shebl Abdelghany
Int. J. Med. Anesthesiology, 2024; 7(1): 41-49
Abstract  |  Download  |  Country : Egypt  |  File Size: (675 KB)  |  140 Views  54 Downloads
Comparative study between intra articular injection of ozone with corticosteroids versus plasma rich in growth factors in limitation of pain in knee osteoarthritis
Ahmed Hamdy Ayad, Hesham Mohamed Maarof, Ahmed Esam-Eldein Salim and Hesham Ibrahim El Tatawy
Int. J. Med. Anesthesiology, 2024; 7(1): 50-57
Abstract  |  Download  |  Country : Egypt  |  File Size: (733 KB)  |  95 Views  47 Downloads
Efficiency of high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) compared to conventional oxygen therapy (COT) on preventing reintubation in critically ill patients: A randomized controlled clinical trial
Fatma Sabry Shaalan, Hesham Ibrahim Eltatawy, Salah-Eldin Ibrahim ElSherif, Hala Mohey El-Deen El-Gendy, Rehab Said Elkalla
Int. J. Med. Anesthesiology, 2024; 7(1): 58-66
Abstract  |  Download  |  Country : Egypt  |  File Size: (579 KB)  |  120 Views  59 Downloads
The effect of clavipectoral fascia plane block or interscalene brachial block on the postoperative analgesia after clavicle surgery: Randomized controlled study
Raghda Mohammed Foad, Amr Arfa Mohammed Elbadry, Sameh Abdelkhalik Ahmed Ismaiel, Salah-Eldin Ibrahim Elsherief and Hala Mohey EI-Deen Mohamed EI-Gendy
Int. J. Med. Anesthesiology, 2024; 7(1): 67-72
Abstract  |  Download  |  Country : Egypt  |  File Size: (683 KB)  |  79 Views  39 Downloads
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